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Being passionate by the complexity of the brain, I also love studying it in comparison with our human environment, which is including all the various cultures, environments, religions, ways of education, human interactions. Thanks to what is inside our head, the brain, we are able to achieve extraordinary things, such as speaking, writing, reading, being aware of our surroundings and communicate with other beings. Whether we created the world we see or the environment shaped us, we all have those different cultures to interact from within and from outside.

Also those cultures are based on myths or myths have ermerged from them in a way that they set the cultural norms within a group. By setting the norms, it thus implies that there are abnormalities as well. That is where the psychiatry comes up. Abnormalities aren’t called as such, but as ‘mental diseases’. I strongly believe that they are differently considered, named, and understood among the various cultures – as the behaviour of the person may also be differently evaluated from one society to another.

Cultural Brainer will thus tackle these differnt topics linking us to the world we live in thanks to our beautiful brain. Have a good read along your journey!

Lisa Aïssaoui

Twitter: @LhyzaLibertad / Instagram: @daughterofthe_desert


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